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APC Split In Katsina State, Vows To Vote Out Masari In 2019



A faction of the ruling APC has emerged in Katsina state, alleging that the governor, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari had sidelined many APC chieftains in the state .

Hon. Ahmed Himma Katsina, a chieftain of the new faction called APC AK’IDA zalla , told journalists after their meeting in Kaduna that first and foremost ,the APC in Katsina state is currently faced with numerous problems .
“These problems should not be allowed to escalate considering the fact that Katsina is the home state of Mr. President . ”
“As a matter of fact, support for President Buhari should begin from Katsina state. Therefore ,if there is a problem in katsina state between the governor and APC chieftains, the development will not augur well for President Buhari.”
“This is why we are worried and have decided to bring the matter to the public because we would not sit down and allow anything that goes against the President. ”

He explained further that the  political journey in Katsina state was not that of Governor Aminu Bello Masari alone.It was a journey that involved people from various walks of life who came from different camps but decided to unite in the interest of the state.”
“There were about 10 aspirants for the number one seat in Katsina but they all agreed to support the emergence of Aminu Bello Masari.”
“Sadly , in Katsina state now,the governor has  sidelined everybody and is doing things alone . He only listens to two of his favorites.”
“It is a well known fact in Katsina that President Buhari is no longer respected in the government house.The government is trying to show that Buhari is no longer relevant . They want to show that Buhari is not the leader of the party in Katsina state .”
“This is why we are now agitating , others who worked for the progress of the APC in the state , the real politicians who committed so much for the party in the state  must be considered and be carried along .”
“These politicians that were sidelined are the real politicians who are closer to the people .”


“You should know that the people  will only respect you if you are truthful.It is this lack of truth in government that compelled us to break away.  This is the reason why we consider making it public, why we must let people know we are together with them.”

He said what was happening now in Katsina was undemocratic.
” We are not going to support a one man show.Democracy is to open your doors for all and sundry to come in and contribute their quota .”


According to him , “we cannot take our complaints anywhere in the state because no one is willing to listen to us.In the APC in Katsina state , no one is ready to listen to us. They see us as their adversaries .”

“Today, the likes of Dr. Usman Bugaje, well known and prominent people , the likes of Senator Sadiq Yar’ adua,  Sada ilu , Alhaji Kabir Murja,who is very close to Buhari,these personalities are no longer comfortable with the present arrangement in Katsina state .”
“It is so shameful that these personalities who contributed so much for the success of the party , are not happy with the government in Katsina state .The President should as a matter of urgency , intervene before things get out of hand in the state .”

Himma however , said “the solution is for the governor to open up, those sidelined must be considered if not , it won’t be business as usual.”

“Our leaders must have a stake in government .We are not going to respect anyone who is not loyal and respectful to Buhari,” he said.


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